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Cancer Massage/Oncology Massage--

                     --What is it?

                 --Benefits of Massage for Cancer Patients

                 --Is it safe for me?



Chair/On-site Massage


Geriatric Massage



                      --Types of Lipedema surgery


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (AKA Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy or MLD)--

                      --I am certified as both a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (CMLDT) as well as a Lymphedema Therapist (CLT), and am the only mobile certified therapist in the area stretching from Ventura County to the Inland Empire, to the Antelope Valley. I received both certifications through Klose Training & Consulting. The founder, Guenter Klose, studied at the Foeldi Clinic in Germany, then helped found the first treatment center for lymphedema patients in the US. Read Guenter's bio page here.


Note: Some patients who have had lymph nodes removed think they are not at risk for lymphedema because the nodes showed no cancer. What places a patient at risk for lymphedema  is that nodes were removed or damaged from radiation, not the fact that the nodes were clear. Read more below about lymphedema and the risk reduction practices. Be knowledgeable and be safe!


--Lymphatic Drainage Fact Sheet

--Symptoms of early Lymphedema

--Click for an image of the Lymphatic System (lymph nodes/ducts/vessels are in blue)

--I think I might have Lymphedema. Now what do I do?

--video of patients discussing lymphedema

--Lymphedema Risk Reduction Practices

--Video showing the moving lymph fluid up the back of the leg during MLD

--Video showing the moving lymph fluid up the arm toward the axilla (armpit)

--2nd video showing the moving lymph up the arm toward the axilla (armpit)




Swedish Massage

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