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Cancer Massage/Oncology Massage--

                     --What is it?

                 --Benefits of Massage for Cancer Patients

                 --Is it safe for me?



Chair/On-site Massage


Geriatric Massage



                      --Types of Lipedema surgery


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (AKA Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy)--

                      --I received my MLD training & Lymphedema Therapist training through Klose Training & Consulting. The founder, Guenter Klose, studied at the Foeldi Clinic in Germany, then helped found the first treatment center for lymphedema patients in the US. Read Guenter's bio page here.

--Lymphatic Drainage Fact Sheet

--Click for an image of the Lymphatic System (lymph nodes/ducts/vessels are in blue)

--video of patients discussing lymphedema

--Lymphedema Risk Reduction Practices

--Video showing the moving lymph fluid up the back of the leg during MLD

--Video showing the moving lymph fluid up the arm toward the axilla (armpit)

--2nd video showing the moving lymph up the arm toward the axilla (armpit)




Swedish Massage

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